Fire brigade visit

Date: 14th Mar 2019 @ 5:43pm

This week the fire brigade have visited year 6 to discuss the dangers that we need to be aware of when playing out now it is getting light outside at night time, and they also showed us around their fire engine. 

We looked at all the different tools that they carry for different emergencies: from car crashes, to saving people and animals who may be in resevoirs. We also had a look at the range of hoses that are inside the fire engine, and learnt that the engine can hold up to about 4,000 litres of water! 

We asked some brilliant questions, and even learnt that the fire brigade may get called to help the ambulance service- when they are extremely busy- as they carry a defibrillator on board. 

Thank you to the tameside fire service who provided us with lots of interesting information about what to do in an emergency, how to keep safe and more details as to what their job entails on a day to day basis. 

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