English at Canon Burrows is taught through our thematic approach: with a focus on engaging and vocabulary-rich texts. We aim for all children to learn from, and experience high quality texts, which results in them also developing a passion for reading and writing. Teachers use drama activities, poetry and pupil-led learning to give children the opportunities to enhance their speaking and listening skills: these too are also seen as a focus during Poetry X Factor, where the year groups battle it out to win the trophy each year!

In our writing, we have a clear sense of audience and purpose. This enables the children to develop their grammatical structures, knowledge of genre features, and the ability to choose the correct formality for a piece of writing. Children are given opportunities to create pieces of writing which they are proud of. The range of themes that we cover from EYFS to the end of KS2, aim to open the eyes and imagination of our children, and for them to then become inquisitive and want to discover more.

Reading is given a high status at Canon Burrows, and the children are eager to take part in their reading lessons, and transfer this passion, and their skills across the curriculum. We aim to instil a love of reading and books. Each child is able to visit the library, and has a reading diary and book, which are taken home each day.

In EYFS children are encouraged to read, and are read to daily. They are able to practice their letter formation and are taught to take pride in their writing from an early age. Our pupils learn phonics through ‘Letters and Sounds’, taking part in a range of fun activities- such as games, hands on learning and whiteboard work.

We encourage you to have a look at our English page regularly, for updates, and for the opportunity to see the children’s work.


English Leads- Miss Bardsley, Miss Drake and Miss Howard



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