RE Week

Canon Burrows is very proud to be a Church of England school and enjoy celebrating this biennially through our RE Week celebration. In 2021, our RE Week focussed on the story of Noah’s Ark. During the week the children had the opportunity to participate in many of the following activities:

  • Exploring the importance of looking after God’s creatures
  • Exploring the weather we experience
  • Discussing our Christian values of hope and peace
  • Learning about different religious stories which have similarities with Noah’s Ark
  • Discussing how the story of Noah’s Ark links with our lives today and current world issues
  • Answering ‘big questions’
  • Creating art work inspired by the story
  • Participating in workshops about the story.

We began the week by coming to school dressed in all the colours of the rainbow and were also visited (virtually) by Hand to Mouth, who led workshops on Godly Play.

At a challenging time, the story of Noah reminded us of God’s promise and that even through the dark times, there is always hope.

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