Give to Give campaign

Date: 4th Dec 2018 @ 2:19pm

Give to give campaign

This week, your homework was to write a kind message for some people who may be lonely at Christmas time to wish them well. We are so forutnate at Christmas to enjoy time with friends and familiy but it is important to consider people that are not as fortunate as us. 


It is clear that you have thought about this as your messages are generous and show your overflowing compassion and respect of others- three key Christian values. 

In amongst the lovely words, there were also some funny jokes which will defientely give people the laugh that they need! 

Overall, it was a joy to read your messages and we will type them up to be sent off in the weeks to follow! 

Thank you. 

Miss Large, Miss Matthews,  Miss Thomas, Mr .Riley and Mrs. Coulthard Keating. 

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