The Imperial War Museum

Date: 20th Jan 2019 @ 8:00pm

To enhance our knowledge about World war 1 and 2 we visited the Imperial War Museum.

All the children were fascinated by the exhibits and learnt many new facts: these included women's jobs during the war, and the part that they played in the Land Army. We were lucky enough to talk to David- a veteran of WW2- who answered many of our questions and gave us an insight into what it would have been like in the trenches. He told us, that if it came to it again, he would sign up and fight for his country.

We were able to try on some of the uniforms and hats that would have been worn in the different wars too- which were shown by the wonderful volunteers.

In the afternoon we took part in a workshop, where we all created a short documentary; our documentaries could be about any artefact or exhibit in the museum. Some of us chose to talk about the tanks, and some of us focused on letters sent from the war, or specific battles. 

Please have a look at some of our documentaries!

We finished the day by listening to 'Mightier Than War' by Tony Walsh: a poem which was commisioned for the Imperial War Museum.  

Have a listen here-  

We all had a very eye-opening day, and look forward to applying all our learning in our lessons.


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