Times tables in Year 3

Date: 12th Jan 2019 @ 7:40pm

Times tables in Year 3

We are working on times tables in Year 3 and not just being able to find the answer, but to know the answer instantly and build up fast recall. Being confident and fluent with your multiplication facts really supports you as a mathematician. 


At the end of Year 4, this current Year 3 class will be the first year group to complete the new statutory times table tests where they will be expected to answer questions  in timed conditions. We want to hit the ground running in Year 3 with children snappy with 2,5,10's (Year 2 objective) and 3,4,8's (Year 3 objective) by the end of the year. 


We would really value your support with this as we recognise that little and often (lots and lots of repetition) is a successful way to learn times tables. 

Quick fire questions at home would be great - our children love a challenge and there are some great online games that they can be playing to help them along. 


There has definitely been an improvement in 3 and 4 times tables. The current focus is 8 times tables! 


This is a great website to practise under timed conditions:



Here are some other good websites for times table games:






Thank you for your support! 


Miss Large and Miss Matthews


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