Week Beginning 3/02/2020

Date: 5th Feb 2020 @ 2:53pm

Update on Learning

Over the past few weeks, we have been very busy!

During our ‘explore the world’ activity, the children we have been making leaf kebabs, foraging for natural materials and decorating a superhero with their findings. They really enjoyed counting and comparing the natural objects that they found.

They have also been learning how to use balancing scales. The children have been weighing their snacks and telling us which objects are the heaviest and the lightest.

The children have also been writing their names on jelly cups and have been decorated them with their favourite craft resources. We talked about capacity and temperature as the children then made their own jelly. They cannot wait to eat it on the Superhero day on Friday.



News and Messages

Superhero Vehicles

Thank you so much for your wonderful superhero vehicles! We are overwhelmed with how much effort the children have put into making them.  It has been fantastic seeing how excited the children have been to show and share their creations. They will be proudly displaying within the classroom.

Superhero Party

Friday 7th February will be our ‘SUPERHERO DAY’. This day will be a SUPER day with party food and games. Your child can dress in Superhero clothes OR own clothes on this day.

Please can your child bring their book bag into school as usual, as we will still be visiting our school library.


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Wow moments

Thank you to those who have already sent in WOW moments. The children have loved sharing them with their class. We have sent a new set of WOW cards home this week. If you need any more, please let a member of EYFS know. Alternatively, you will can find them on the Nursery page, found on the Canon Burrows website.

Exploring the World

Every Friday, the children will be taking part in an ‘Exploring the World’ session where they will venture outdoors to take part in activities to support them to develop their speaking and listening skills. We will provide the children with waterproof trousers and coats during this time.

If your child does not have a pair of wellies in school, please bring some in as soon as possible.

Celebration Praise

Celebration praise will take place on Thursday. If your child has something they would like to share, please encourage them to bring it to school on this day. This could be WOW cards, certificates, photos, etc.


Home School Learning

To be handed in Wednesday 12th February

Superhero Physical Challenge How many star jumps can you do in 1 minute? After finishing the exercise, can you observe the effects of activity on your body?

You will find an overview of this terms Home School Learning here:


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