Week beginning Monday 10th February

Date: 14th Feb 2020 @ 3:58pm

Update on Learning

Week 6

What a fantastic week we have had. Thank you, once again, for the effort that you went to with the children’s outfits. They really did help to launch our week into space. As did the amazing rockets which the children brought in for their home learning. We used these to help us identify 3-d shapes.

On Tuesday, we welcomed the astronomer Dave Eden who shared lots of information about the planet Venus and was impressed with what we had learnt in just one day.

In provision, we have been scientists exploring moon rocks, Tour guides for our role-play planetarium, we have been reading moon-based signs, making astronauts, shape aliens, space ships and learning all about Helen Sharman. Many of the children said that they would love to go to space and would answer an advert if they heard one on the radio like Helen Sharman did.

Tomorrow is our trip to the Planetarium. I am sure that this will be an amazing experience for the children. Remember to ask your child about it!

We hope that you have a lovely half term break and look forward to hearing all about what you have been doing. After the holidays we will be beginning our learning on Fairy Tales with the story of the Princess and the Pea in preparation for our trip out in March.

To be handed in Wednesday 26th February

Please read as much and as many things as you can – labels, bus numbers, road signs.

This week’s home-school task is to…


Count how many high frequency words you can read in 2 minutes.


We have attached a high frequency word list and a grid showing where you can record your totals. Each word is categorised into phases, please start from phase 2 and work upwards. If you child is confident in reading a particular phase, please focus upon other phases.

This task is not about reading all the words but looking at increasing the number of words that your child can confidently read by sight. If they can read 2 words at the start of the week and 6 by the end then please celebrate this. Start with the words that your child knows and then slowly introduce a new word as they grow in confidence.



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Wow moments

Thank you to those who have already sent in WOW moments. The children have loved sharing them with their class. We have sent a new set of WOW cards home this week. If you need any more, please let a member of EYFS know.




14/02/2020 – Break up for half term

24/02/2020 – INSET DAY (school closed to children)

25/02/2020 – Return to school

02/03/2020 World Book Week (Greta and the Giants)

02/03/2020 Sky Watch Night – 6pm-7.30pm


05/03/2020 Princess and the Pea Outing (Children to dress as Princesses, Knights, Princes or anything linked to the story)


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