Space senses and designing a space suit

Date: 12th Feb 2020 @ 3:33pm

We have been combining our learning about humans and senses with space this week. We have learned about our five senses, and which body parts they are associated with, We then learned what happens to each sense in space. We found out that it's tricky to taste properly in space and astronauts sometimes take spicy food with them to try and get a little bit of taste. Due to the fluid, your face and sinuses can swell in space, making it hard to smell in space too. We found out that our hands and feet can become sensitive, as you spend your time floating in space and using your hands and feet to help you move around the space craft. Your sight can also become blurry. We wrote about this beautifully on our astronaut sheets.

We also had a visitor from Manchester University who helped us to think about what we would need to wear and take into space. We then designed our own space suits. 

Well done Year 1!

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