Our Gallery

Year 5 artwork, by Ms Bardsley

Indoor learning, by Ms Riley

Outdoor Learning, by Ms Riley

Christmas!, by Ms Bardsley

Year 2 Design Technology, by Ms Jamieson

Year 6 Science, by Ms Jamieson

Bags2Schools, by Miss Arnold

Our Eco Work with Mr Clark, by Miss Arnold

European Day of Languages , by Miss Arnold

Planting with Mrs Chapman, by Miss Arnold

Maths - Roman Numerals , by Miss Arnold

Year 5 Science, by Ms Sutton

Year 2 Science, by Ms Sutton

Understanding the world, by Ms Sutton

Year 3 Science, by Ms Sutton

Year 1 Science, by Ms Sutton

Matilda- X Factor Poem, by Ms Large

Guided Reading - Jigsaw, by Ms Matthews

Cave Paintings, by Ms Matthews

Reception's Bug Hunt, by Miss Arnold

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