Year 3

Hello to all our wonderful Year 3 children and parents, and welcome to your home learning page. 

Here we will upload weekly projects for you to be having a go at whilst you are at home.

Please check this page on a Friday at 4.00pm for the upcoming weeks' project.

Enjoy your time together, we hope you are making wonderful memories together.

Sending lots of love, from - Miss Matthews, Miss Large, Mr Riley, Mr Oswald.

 the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog  is a wesbite that uploads a new image everyday to create writing opporunities. At the bottom of the page, you will also find grammar questions and other learning ideas. 

NASA have released all of their space photos for you to have a look through- we know we had some budding space travellers during science week. - NASA website

Join Carol Vorderman and watch some of her maths videos, play games and practice key skills -- 

- Chester zoo is doing a virtual tour of the animals  on their facebook page: you will be able to see the red pandas, sun bears, penguins, elephants and many more. - Chester Zoo Facebook page

Audible UK have a selection of free audiobooks for you to listen to at home. Please have a look at the website for more details - 

On Jamie Oliver's website are lots of recipes for children to have a go at whilst they are at home- they look very nice! -  Jamie Oliver website

Scouts have released a fantastic list of over 100+ fun activities to be having a go at whilst you are at home. Definitley worth a look!  -  Scouts website

At school on a Wednesday we look at and discuss a picture as a class. The company that creates these are doing a virtual assembly on a Friday at 9am through this website-

Every day at 11am, David Walliams will be reading one of his 'Worst Children' stories -

Keep in touch - You can email or tweet any pictures of you at home.



Word of the Day - amazing 
(What does the word mean? Can you include it in a sentence?
You could even write the word really big and then draw some pictures around
it to illustrate what it means ... and then send it to us,
we would love to see what you have created). 


People of the week - Florence Nightingale and Bill Gates
(It is really important to know/learn about those people that have
influenced the world. Each week, we will display two influential people who
have either helped create and shape History, or who are currently
doing good within the world).
Can you research the people and write a little fact file about what they have done? - you can share this with us too!



Week 1- WB 23.03.20
We hope you have had a lovely first week working on your Home Learning projects. If you have any pictures of what you have produced then the Year 3 team would love to see them - email them to or tweet them to us!

The weather has been glorious this week, we hope you have had the chance to play outside in your gardens and enjoy the precious time with your families. We have certainly been loving the sunshine - Miss Matthews has been utilising her 'one exercise a day' by going for a little jog, Miss Large has been in school this week doing lots of activities outside with the children, Mr Riley has been enjoying learning new Tik Tok dances and creating quizzes and Mr Oswald has been enjoying the beautiful sunshine in his garden, whilst also working hard with St John's Ambulance!

Many new skills have been practised too. Miss Matthews has made a banana and almond cake (which was delicious) and Miss Large has been getting creative with glass painting, which the children at school throroghly enjoyed. Have you learnt a new skill or been creative this week? Take a picture to show us!

Stay safe! Love from Team Year 3! 


Your Photos.
Freya has had a busy week: 

Cooking cheeky

Working hard angel Stay safe everyone! heart

Week 2 - WB 30.03.20

Here are a few things that may keep you busy this week!

Fancy a quiz? Here is a link to a Kahoot Year 3 Grammar quiz.  We know that you LOVE Kahoot at school so thought that you might enjoy giving it a go at home too. When you follow the link, use this pin: 0142006 to join the challenge. Please write your first name so that we know who has given the challenge a go! You could test others at home too! 

Maths - Lots of repetition is really helpful when working on our Maths with fast recall. Here is a link to a video about using a number line to add ones to a three digit number.

Once you have watched the video, here are some questions to try for yourself: 

1) 326 + 7 

2) 247 + 5

3) 428 + 4

4) 654 + 9

5) 158 + 3

Please excuse Miss Large's awful voice! 

Here is another video. This time it is for column addition of 2, three digit numbers without carrying.

Give these questions a go:

1) 134 + 462

2) 581 + 316

3) 336 + 452

4) 825 + 173 

5) 257 + 321 

Writing- Please look at the document below saved as 'Week 2 WB 30.03.20- Expanded noun phrases' for information about writing expanded noun phrases. 

Here is the photo that we would love to add your ideas to: 


The tall, exotic palm tree.

Elliot's expanded noun phrases: 

The wide, deep ocean.

The smooth, soft sand.

The dark, thin shadow.

Your Photos

Isabella has been very creative this week. She has designed a rainbow to put in her window!
It looks like you are concentrating really hard on your colouring!
Well done, Isabella. Beautiful artwork cheeky

We are also super proud of the rainbow you have designed.


WOW! Elliot has been working hard whilst at home.
He has been using his English skills to write some fantastic expanded noun phrases.
Amazing work, Elliot. Seeing the work you are doing puts a BIG smile on our faces! smiley 

Shaun has busy creating art work, working on his already amazing Geography knowledge and reading. He has kept up with Joe Wicks and his fitness videos and has been sprinting up and down his street. We think that it's brilliant that you're working hard on keeping fit!



Week 3 WB 06.03.20

We hope you are all safe and well and enjoying your learning from home experiences. Keep working hard! We miss you all so very much. 

***We have uploaded this weeks learning project for you, however we are aware that we are now in the Easter holidays.  We wanted to provide you with something to structure your days for those of you who want to, but most of all we want you to continue to spend time together as a family and enjoy precious moments in each day :) ***

Here are some extra resources that you could be working on this week…

Why not try and do some science from home. On this document there are lots of activities you can do at home to develop your science, technology, engineering and maths skills. One of the tasks is to rebuild a new roof for the three little pigs after the Big Bad Wolf blew theirs down. This will link very nicely to the English activity on the ‘Home Learning Project 3’, where you have to retell a traditional tale from a different characters point of view…

Maths –

Here is a Kahoot! Quiz for this week. It is a jumble of Year 3 Maths.

Good luck!

Here is the link:

Here is the game pin:


Again, if you choose to play please use your first name so that we know who has joined in!

This week we have another two Maths videos for you.

  • Column addition carrying the ones into the tens column:

  1. 322 + 548
  2. 456 + 216
  3. 824 + 117
  4. 657 + 328
  5. 529 + 463
  • Column addition carrying the tens into the hundreds column:

  1. 226 + 493
  2. 458 + 271
  3. 745 + 282
  4. 532 + 176
  5. 194 + 124


For the Harry Potter fans out there, J.K. Rowling has release a ‘Harry Potter At Home’ portal, where you can access the stories and also do some quizzes and crosswords.


Can you create some list sentences from the following images?

  • List Sentence contain a list of items or actions separated by a comma. For Example: It was a long, dark, leafy lane.

The Enchanted Forest - Visit Leicester

Film Review: The BFG | Consequence of Sound









We hope you have a lovely week - send us some of your home learning photos! laugh



Your photos:

Riley and Ethan have been very busy at home! They have been focusing on verbs, adverbs, nouns, pronouns and fronted adverbials.

This work is very impressive and we thoroughly enjoyed reading it. You should give yourselves a pat on the back!!


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