Christian Values


At Canon Burrows, our 18 Christian values underpin everything we do. These values are taught excplicitly throughout the children's time in school as well as through Collective Worship and reflection spaces in school. We also promote values intrinsically as opportunities arise: when a certain value is pertinent to an individual or group of children or is pertinent to local, national or global issues, for example a response of stewardship to a national disaster. Each of our values is explained in further detail in our 'Values for Life' document linked below.


The mural on our school corridor illustrates each of our values and was designed by children across school.

When children across school display their Christian values, they recieve a 'value voucher'. Each week 'value vouchers' are selected at random to recieve a celebratory reward.

Friday News also shows the Christian value we have shown across school each week. You can find this in the 'News' section of our website.

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