Year 5

Hello to all our lovely year 5 children and parents, and welcome to your home learning page. 

Here we will upload weekly projects for you to be having a go at whilst you are at home; we will also upload some extra bits, like quizzes and any times table rockstars battle news! 

We will all miss you lots, but please look after yourselves and take care.

Please keep in touch using our email, twitter and padlet accounts.

We can't wait to see you all soon.

Thinking about you all, 

Miss Bardsley, Miss Gaskell, Mrs Smith and Miss Taylor x


**Please check this page on a Friday at 4.00pm for the upcoming weeks' project**


Important links:

Year 5 google drive for videos We have now created a google drive where we can upload videos to help you with your learning at home. Please check this for any new activties and explanations.

Year 5 Padlet


Important log ins: 

Kahoot quizzes

-Type in or click on this link -   

-It will then ask you for a pin number -   022974  - NEW FOR WEEK 3.

You then add in your nickname (please put your real first name) and the quiz will start.  Have fun and good luck! 


Socrative quizzes

- Go to

- Click log in and then student log in.

- Type in MISSBARDSLEY for the room name

- Then please put your real first name 



Mrs Green has given Year 5 a login to access musical resources on Charanga, she will be also uploading a new assignment lesson each week, which will include backing tracks to play along with on your Ukulele if you have this at home!

Username: CBy5

Password: ukulele

As this is a shared log in for the whole year group, please do not change the password.


Week 18

Hello year 5 children and parents!

So, it is the final week before the summer holidays begin. We can't quite believe it. We have loved teaching all of you this year and we hope you know how much we have missed each of you. We wish you all a lovely summer with your friends and family, and we are very much looking forward to seeing you all  in September. Even though our year together was cut short, we had such fun teaching you and creating lasting memories, and we are so sad that it came to an early end. We hope that you have enjoyed your time in year 5 as much as we did with you.  Thank you for everything that you have done to support eachother and your children this year, and especially over these past few months. You are all wonderful. 

We are continuing to think about you and your families and wish you a happy and safe summer. 

Miss Bardsley and Miss Gaskell x


Week 17

Hi everybody! We hope that you are all well and are enjoying doing the home learning tasks. This week, please make sure you complete the transition booklet for your new teacher. It's so close to the end of the year - we hope that you are excited about your new adventures next year. Make sure to share your learning with us. We love hearing from you.

The Year 5 Team :)

Week 15

It was very nice to speak to some of you on the phone this week, and we hope everybody is still enjoying themselves at home doing lots of reading, craft, exercise and learning! We have set a few more challenges and battles on TTRockstars, so make sure you have a look and try to win! Let's hope that it stops raining this week so we can enjoy some sunshine outside to stay active and healthy. Let us know what you have been up to on our Year 5 Padlet - we love to see and comment!

Missing you all,

Miss Bardsley and Miss Gaskell x


Week 13

Wow! It has been so long since we have seen you. Have you grown? We hope that you are enjoying all the learning project ideas that we are uploading each week. We miss you all and look forward to hearing from you. Please keep in touch with us on the school Twitter, email us your work or connect with us on the year 5 Padlet. What have you been up to? What books are you reading? This week's learning resource also has details of the Summer Reading Challenge, so get your book on, year 5!

Take care,

Miss Bardsley & Miss Gaskell


Week 12

Hi everybody,

We hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Please do keep sending pictures, an email or padlet note to let us know how you are.  We love to read them and write back to you :) 

Miss you all,

Miss Bardsley and Miss Gaskell x


Week 10 and 11

Hello, and a happy half term to you all! We are uploading week 10 and 11 learning projects for you, however we realise that this would have been half term for you all too :) Please have a go at some of the work if you wish, but also spend time doing everything you are enjoying at home. Week 11's reading has three levels, please could Miss Bardsley's group do the final extract (3*) and our other three groups can decide between the first and the second extract. 

Once again, we really are missing you all so much and hope you and your families are well.  Please stay safe and enjoy the beautiful weather (before the rainy British weather makes its return!)

Thinking of you all,

Miss Bardsley and Miss Gaskell x


Week 9

We have been amazed at your artwork, creations and learning about Ascention day this week. Thank you once again for all of your hard work at home. We hope you are all well and looking after yourselves. Thank you to all parents and carers for all of the wonderful opportunities you are providing at home. 

Miss Bardsley and Miss Gaskell x


Week 8                                                                                   

Hello everybody! We hope you enjoy this weeks' learning and the 'Lighthouse' clip. Have a lovely week :)

Miss Bardsley and Miss Gaskell x


Week 7                                                                                

Have  a lovely week everyone! We hope you all enjoy VE day on Friday, and we can't wait to see all your pictures!

Miss Bardsley and Miss Gaskell x


 Week 6                                                                                

We hope you all have a nice week and enjoy your home learning. Thank you to those of you who have sent in pictures this week.

Miss you all,

Miss Bardsley and Miss Gaskell


 Week 5                                                                            

Hello everyone. Wishing you a healthy and happy upcoming week.  Please check the learning project at the top as there is an extra activity that you can do :) 

Wednesday 22nd April (this week) is Earth Day: here is the website for you to have a look at-  Please also visit our Twitter page to see how you can access the National Youth Climate Summit on Wednesday afternoon.

Thank you for all the pictures you have sent, and we hope you enjoy the sunny weather this week too. 

Thinking about all of you,

Miss Bardsley and Miss Gaskell



 Week 4                                                                                

Happy Easter! We hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend with your families. Fingers crossed you might get an egg or two! If you haven't already seen our Easter song for you, have a look on our Padlet :) We hope you enjoy it. 

We have put on some My Happy Mind activities for you also. 

Have a lovely Easter bank holiday. Missing you lots.

Miss Bardsey and Miss Gaskell x


Week 3

We have uploaded this weeks learning project for you, however we are aware that we are now in the Easter holidays.  We wanted to provide you with something to structure your days- for those of you who want to. But, most of all, we want you to continue to spend time together as a family and enjoy precious moments in each day where you, read together, play together, exercise together and complete simple life skill tasks. We will also continue to put extra pieces of learning on for you if you wish to complete and have a go at them :) 

A HUGE thank you for all your pictures on our padlet. 

Have a lovely weekend all of you. 

Miss Bardsley and Miss Gaskell x



Week 2

We hope you have all had a nice week.

Miss Bardsley's class are winning the TTRockstars tournament so far - well done :) Although Year 6 are currently beating us, come on team!

The NHS website have got some ideas to keep you fit and healthy whilst you are staying at home for you to have a look at - Change for life 

Here is a website, which is good for practising your spellings - Spelling practise

Here are some pictures from this week. In school, we have been learning how to cross stitch, and we have been making Easter decorations out of salt dough. 


Miss Bardsley and Miss Gaskell x


Week 1 

Hello everyone,

We hope you have had a nice start to your week. Here are the key points and links for this week for you.

Chester zoo is doing a virtual tour of the animals on facebook from 10am today on their facebook page: you will be able to see the red pandas, sun bears, penguins, elephants and many more- Chester Zoo Facebook page

Also, NASA have released all of their space photos for you to have a look through- we know we had some budding astonomers during science week - NASA website

On Jamie Oliver's website are lots of recipes for children to have a go at whilst they are at home- they look very nice! -  Jamie Oliver website

Scouts have released a fantastic list of over 100+ fun activities to be having a go at whilst you are at home. Definitley worth a look :)  -  Scouts website

At school on a Wednesday we look at and discuss a picture as a class. The company that creates these are doing a virtual assembly on a Friday at 9am through this website-

Every day at 11am, David Walliams will be reading one of his 'Worst Children' stories -

Audible UK have a selection of free audiobooks for you to listen to at home. Please have a look at the website for more details - 

And to finish, here are some of the pictures we have received this week! 

Michael Morpurgo by Alice and spreading kindess by Joe.


Miss Bardsley and Miss Gaskell x



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