Year 5 Eco work

This week, our very eager eco workers decided we would first of all do a litter pick around the school grounds. Fortunately we noticed that there was very little litter on the front and back playgrounds, which means the children have been recycling their rubbish - as we collect crisp packets - or putting it carefully in the bins. We did however find a lot more litter just outside the front of school so the team collected a whole bin bag full of rubbish which Miss Sutton disposed of. After that, we decided to help improve the Early Years outdoor valley area. We shovelled large amounts of bark, which we then loaded up into wheelbarrows and delivered it to the outdoor Early Years area. The reception children were out watching us and were VERY excited to see the new bark making their muddy areas now more accessible. We enjoyed working in small teams and felt very proud of how happy we were making the youngest children in school. To finish off our session, we went into the valley and picked up some more litter. It is such a shame that people drop litter but we are glad that this week we have made a difference to our school environment.



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