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On this page you can find out all about our Governors.

What do Governors do?

  1. Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Hold the Head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.
  3. Oversee the financial performance of the school making sure its money is well spent

Who are we?

We have 10 Governors made up as follows:

  • 5 Foundation Governors
  • 1 Headteacher
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • 2 Parent Governors
  • 1 LA Governor
  • Miss S. Fildes, Head teacher, 2016
  • Mrs. Z. McQuillan - Acting Head teacher, 2023
  • Mrs. K. Deakin, Chair of Governor, Foundation Governor - Appointed by Christ Church PCC, 30.09.20
  • Mrs. J. Holbrook, Vice Chair, Foundation Governor - Appointed by Christ Church PCC, 2023
  • Dr. Rev. David Jacks, Foundation Governor - Appointed by Bishop of Manchester
  • Mr. S. Withnall, Foundation Governor - Appointed by Christ Church PCC in 1997
  • Mrs. D. Enright - Foundation Governor - 21.04.21
  • Miss E. Adamson, Staff Governor - Appointed by School Staff on 04.07.2019
  • Miss J. Hilton, 
  • Ms. K Connell, Parent Governor - Appointed by Parents 
  • Mrs. K. Sanderson, LA Governor - Appointed in July 2023
  • Mrs. H. Robinson,  Governor - Appointed by Parents, October 2022

Link Governors:

  • Diocese and RE Link Governor - Mrs. Katrina Deakin
  • Equality Link Governor - Mrs. Dawn Enright
  • Inclusion Link Governor - Mrs. Dawn Enright
  • Pupil Premium Link Governor -  Miss Jenny Hilton
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection Link Governor - Mrs. Dawn Enright
  • Training Link Governor - Miss Elizabeth Adamson
  • Wellbeing, Behaviour and Attendance Link Governor - Mr. Stenton Withnall

Would you like to become a Governor?

Being a school governor is an important role but you do not need to have any particular skills, knowledge or experience to become a governor. What you need to bring is: a commitment to school life; the ability to work with others; patience and enthusiasm; a willingness to learn; a commitment to working openly and democratically; and, most importantly a willingness to spend what time you can offer getting involved in school life. Our governors typically spend about 10 hours a month contributing to school life (attending meetings, undertaking training, visiting school, participating in school events and much more) but some do less and you can do a lot more if you choose.

The most important thing to note is that governors are a team, not a collection of individuals or groups with separate agendas. However much we may differ in our opinions and experiences we are united by our commitment to the school and the responsibility we share for its long-term success. In short, we have a common purpose. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a school governor please get in touch with us!

Relevant Pecuniary Interest Declarations

  • none

Governor roles in other educational institutions

  • Zoe McQuillan
  • Suzanne Fildes

Recently serving Governors

  • Mr M Preston: 2004 - April 2021
  • Mr D Hurlston: 2019 - March 2021
  • Mrs A McGowan: 2015 - September 2020
  • Mrs D Whiteley: 2020 - September 2022
  • Mrs G Brieley: 2001 - September 2022
  • Mrs J Jeffery: 2021 - September 2022
  • Mr. N. Perry: 2021 - January 2023
  • Mrs. J. Perry: 2019 - January 2022

Attendance Record

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