English at Canon Burrows is taught through our thematic approach: with a focus on engaging and vocabulary-rich texts. We aim for all children to learn from, and experience high quality texts, which results in them also developing a passion for reading and writing.

The teaching of writing is delivered in a creative, stimulating and cross-curricular way, often linked to our theme topics and based on high quality books and texts. Children are taught a range of skills based on the National Curriculum which they use to write different types of narrative texts, information texts, and poems. To prepare our children for writing, we provide opportunities to use drama techniques and to share their writing orally which enables them to imitate the language they need for their work.

Reading is given a high status at Canon Burrows, and the children are eager to take part in their reading lessons, and transfer this passion, and their skills across the curriculum. We aim to instil a love of reading and books. Each child has a read for pleasure book from our school library and also takes home a reading book. 

We encourage you to have a look at the links below to find out more about how phonics, reading, writing and spelling is taught in our school. 


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