School Sports Committee

Our vision for PE and School Sport is to create a culture that encourages all children to be active and have positive attitudes towards competition, physical activity and healthy lifestyles. 

The main purpose of the School Sport Organising Committee is to promote school sport and physical activity throughout school. The committee meet every half term to raise whole school issues regarding PE and physical activity, to plan intra school competitions and to voice any ideas pupils have to help develop sport and physical activity in school. They also help to organise National School Sports Week and other special sporting events. Canon Burrows Sport Committee is led by Mr. Richardson and our School Sport and Health Ambassadors. This year our Year 6 Sports Ambassadors are Roman and Kai and our Year 6 Health Ambassadors are Melody and Billy. 


Meet our Sports Council:


PE Lead - Mr. Richardson

Mr. Richardson.PNG


Year 1:

Year 1.PNGYear 1 (1).PNG


Year 2:

Year 2.PNGYear 2 (2).PNG


Year 3:

Year 3 (1).PNGYear 3 (2).PNG


Year 4:

Year 4 (1).PNGYear 4 (2).PNG


Year 5:

Year 5 (1).PNGYear 5 (2).PNG


Year 6:


Year 6 (5).PNGYear 6 (6).PNG



Health Ambassadors:

Year 6 (1).PNGYear 6 (2).PNG


Sports Ambassadors:


Year 6 (3).PNGYear 6 (4).PNG




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