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Design and technology is an important part of the education at Canon Burrows School. Our primary intention is to serve the children of our community. Our design and technology curriculum is intended to provide a rich and engaging experience which provides an exceptional foundation for life-long achievement in the subject. Design and technology is embedded into our ambitious thematic approach; providing breadth and depth and a strong foundation that promotes deep learning and higher order thinking. Children are supported to apply new learning and skills independently and in a variety of contexts. 

In our design and technology lessons we strive to bring awe and wonder to children’s learning through engaging experiences that go above and beyond the classroom. Within the classroom, high expectations for all allow for an environment in which children can thrive. As a Church school, our commitment to fulfilling our Christian Values is crucial as these underpin building positive relationships and ultimately create good citizens of the future, preparing them for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences throughout their life.   

The four stages of Design Technology incorporate the National Curriculum objectives of design, make, evaluate and technical knowledge.

Designers (and people in general) naturally draw upon information from their memories and experiences, which is why our curriculum is rich in experiences and learning opportunities.

According to Margaret Boden, who studies cognition and creativity, ‘human memory acts as a thesaurus’ (1998). Therefore, everyone has a wealth of information about the surrounding world that is used specifically and randomly, intentionally and unintentionally.

Design and Technology lessons at Canon Burrows engage the children with their learning, their environment and allow them to recognise their own worth as individuals. Through their years at the school, they are then equipped to take their place in society as educated citizens of the future.

 To explore how designers can have a social impact on the world we live in, have a look at this website.

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